Bow Shoeshoe

handcrafted in Lesotho

Jordan Hilder's Fundraiser To Empower Lesotho

Let's empower villages across Lesotho together. We are proud to partner with Jordan, and happy that you are interested in supporting our mission to impact the HIV epidemic using entrepreneurship as a development tool. There are three great ways to support Jordan's cause:


Support Jordan's Fundraiser

Sponsor A Sewing Machine

A hand cranking sewing machine is an elegant and powerful tool. More than half the Basotho population live underneath the international poverty line, equal to $1.25 a day. When you sponsor a sewing machine you give someone a shot at a brighter economic future. We'll engrave your name into the sewing machine, and send you the first tie sewn with it............... $125


Create Your Own Collection

We're all beautiful and unique.

Why not have a set of ties that express your identity? We'll customize that set, specially for you. Stand out with a one of a kind collection of Bow Shoeshoe bowties or neckties. Don't think you need a set? Well, share the love and give all your friends a special gift!

12 Bowties or 8 Neckties.... $250

Sponsor a Village

With your help we'll provide a new village with enough tools, materials and training to start sewing as a community. In Lesotho, many men travel out of country to find work, leaving behind families to wait for money to be sent. Your sponsorship means our co-founders Edward and Katleho will seek out a community in need, teach 20 - 30 villagers to sew, empowering them through economic independence. As a thank you, we'll also send you a set of ties and pocket squares.... $500

100% of your contributions go to directly to communities in Lesotho.

Disclaimer: We are a for profit company involved at the grassroots level in Lesotho, not an organization with large administrative costs to cover before your donations get to where they're supposed to go. Although these contributions are not tax deductible, they serve an important cause, the empowerment of vulnerable communities. It is our mission to help the Basotho sustainably lift themselves and their community out of poverty with meaningful employment. We are involved at the grassroots level, and ensure that every dollar gets where it's needed most.