Bow Shoeshoe

handcrafted in Lesotho

Tying the Perfect Bow


This is the part that scares most men away from wearing bowties. But, a well tied bow stands out from the crowd of clip-on wearers. Here's our instructional video. Enjoy.

Remember, imperfection is the sign of a self-tie bowtie. There are several methods for tying, and we think this is the simplest.

A few final tips:

  1. Put the tie down, and watch the video all the way through before you try it out.
  2. Avoid the mirror until you're at the very end. I know that seems counter productive, but it's harder to tie the perfect bow while you're watching yourself do it in reverse!

Still can't quite get it right? Email us and we'll set up a time to video chat and walk you through it personally.