Bow Shoeshoe

Handcrafted in Lesotho


That's the sound a razor makes as it shaves a face. A brave young warrior and great leader named Menkhoaneng once proclaimed that he was like the razor that shaved the beard of his enemy, a symbol for removing an enemy's power. Yet it also displays mercy & the intelligence to understand that killing the leader of your enemy might only create more enemies out of those who could instead become allies. 

It was this philosophy that transformed this young warrior into the legendary first king of Lesotho.He took the name Moshoeshoe, "The Shaver". In the 1840s Moshoeshoe was presented a vibrant indigo colored fabric by French missionaries. He loved it & popularized it throughout the Mountain Kingdom. This fabric was named Shoeshoe in honor of King Moshoeshoe, and It is this traditional textile we use for our bow ties.

We produce handmade bow ties in Lesotho, Africa's "Mountain Kingdom".

In doing so we create opportunities for the Basotho people. We use a cotton textile called Shoeshoe, known as "the denim of the Sotho peoples". This social enterprise is a Basotho/American partnership, founded by a former Peace Corps Volunteer his Mosotho brother, and the Ha Rankakala system of villages.

We strive to empower people in the most underserved communities of one of the world's most underdeveloped nations with the skills to create their own jobs and earn their own income, through a creative use of local and abundant materials.


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