Bow Shoeshoe

handcrafted in Lesotho


"shway shway"

170 years ago an indigo colored fabric decorated with ornate geometric patterns was presented to the leader of an kingdom, hidden within the mountains of southern Africa. This leader united the many tribes of the region and established Basutoland, later called Lesotho.

This king was named Moshoeshoe. Legend tells us his name comes from a poem he composed after a triumphant battle. He compared himself to a razor, that shaves the beard of his enemies. "Shway...Shway" is the sound of a blade removing a beard. Thus, he took the name Moshoeshoe. A respected warrior and master of diplomacy, due to his leadership Lesotho remains one of few African nations to resist colonization.

Shoeshoe is durable, embodying the indominable spirit of the Basotho nation. It's range of color and pattern are as vibrant and diverse as the people who've made it the most popular fabric of southern Africa.